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Welcome to Cleverlearn Caregiver Training Center!

Cleverlearn is one of the finest caregiver training schools in Cebu. We produce the best certified live-in caregivers who are well-trained and globally competent. Our highly skilled and well-experienced instructors have full dedication in building up these individuals in a diversified field, individuals who have the passion in taking care of children, elderly people, persons with disabilities, as well as terminally ill people. We strongly believe in the capacity of these individuals to be globally competent because they are well-nurtured and trained, and they are provided with the best tools and resources.

Caregiver Training Course has become a widespread interest of many professionals in the Philippines because of a huge demand of health care providers in developed countries and compensation package is excellent. The percentage rate of elderly people in these developed countries is increasing tremendously and insufficiency of health care providers is alarming. Thus, caregiver is now creating a big market all over the world.


Cleverlearn Caregiving program played a big part in helping me live the life I dreamed. But of course with God's grace, and heaps of patience and perseverance have a magical effect before which difficulties disappear and obstacles vanish. Thanks to the guiding minds of Celi mentors for the knowledge and experiences they have shared and paved my way to be a successful caregiver.     - N. Miranda NZCG